Strength and Beauty

 HDV and Super 8, 90 Minutes

 By understanding the journey that a ballerina takes and looking at their lives outside of the stage, this documentary hopes to demonstrate to viewers that ballet is much more than tutus and tiaras. There is not only beauty in the ballerina, but also a great deal of strength.


Creative Work Reel

 Various Formats (Super 8, 16mm, & HDV) 1 Minute

 This reel contains work from my first films made in 1996, experimental works shot on Super 8 film, to my latest narrative and documentary projects shot on HDV. Please click the image to the  left to view the reel.


Drowning Slowly


 HDV, Narrative, 96 Minutes

 Early one morning a gunshot rings throughout a converted Victorian house in downtown  Wilmington, NC. The repercussions of this event bring together three  neighbors in  unexpected ways. Please click the image to the left to view the Drowning Slowly trailer.

Monday Night Pottery

 HDV, Observational Documentary, 26 Minutes

 Strongly influenced by the work of Frederick Wiseman, this film explores a group of local (Greensboro, NC) amateur potters who meet every Monday as a haphazard, yet loving community of artists. Three potters are singled out. Playful banter, technique demonstrations, and the life-cycle of a pot, the stoic camera captures it all. Please click the image to the left to  view the MNP trailer.



 16mm, Experimental, 8 Minutes

 A cinematic reaction to three classifications of women as defined by the classical ballet  figure, Giselle. These threes faces are composed of the complacent woman, the mad  woman, and the vengeful woman.


Swan Quarter

 16mm, Narrative, 18 Minutes

 A NY dancer returns to her remote North Carolina home town after blowing out her  knee.